Augmented Reality Mapping in the palm of your hand

National Parcel Information

Get parcel data for any single parcel, in any county, in any state in the United States. Parcel boundaries will then be shown as you look around.

Mark Points

Draw your own maps, points, or boundaries and watch them form in real time.

Import Points From Other Apps

Points can be imported from other applications like a GPS tracker for a pet, a child, a car, your keys, a drone, your luggage, etc. Why show a point on a flat map when you can see it in real time through your camera and have it guide you to it.

Multiple Map Types and Layers

See and explore all of your map data in augmented-reality using Standard, Satellite, Hybrid, or Topo maps. Multiple GIS layers can be imported and saved to show a staggering amount of overlayed data.

Uses the Apple ARKit Framework

ARKit makes it easy for developers to create vivid AR adventures that put virtual objects smoothly into your environment. And by combining information from your device’s motion sensors with data from its cameras, ARKit can help your iPhone or iPad analyze your surroundings more accurately than ever.

Mobile Design

Designed for use with current iOS smart phones and tablets.

An augmented view of the world as presented by PrismGIS

PRISM blends your real world GIS data and the infinite creativity of augmented reality to give you a one-of-a-kind look into the maps you use every day.

Future Vision of PrismGIS

These are concepts we are working to develop as part of PrismGIS. Stay tuned as we expand the boundaries of AR for real estate, public safety, outdoor recreation, construction, and more!

Standard License

$ 29.99 Prism Elite Yearly Subscription
  • PrismGIS provides easy-to-use mobile GIS and mapping tools for the collection, management, and display of your location-based data, providing you with the visual context to make better, more informed decisions. 

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